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Welcome to All

The past years have flown speedily and I see Kamla Nehru Institute well entrenched into the map of the Universe, excelling both academically and co-curricular wise. What disturbs and concerns me most is what surrounds us in these troubled times. Violence, terror, death, natural and man-made calamities, the economic downturn, all seems to be sending a signal to mankind. Enough is enough, rein yourself in, discipline your mind, live in harmony with nature, decrease your wants or else be destroyed. It’s time we paid heed to these warning bells.

But no one can have sunshine or dark dismal clouds forever. There is hope yet, let us change tracks and talk about the youth at Kamla Nehru Institute. What we endeavour to do in college is to challenge all odds in the world. We prepare to be good human beings, inculcate values, to empathise with the lesser privileged, care for the environment, to tune our finer senses and share the bliss of memorable moments with friends. That’s what we are all about. So I will refrain from despairing, adopt a more nuanced approach, and hold the flag aloft.

Not to miss that Kamla Nehru Institute will complete its thirty five years and will go so on. It is all because of the ones who have passed out joyously in the past many years, those who are a vibrant part of it today and all those who would enthusiastically join us in coming years who will make Kamla Nehru Institute shine brilliantly in years to  come ….


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Ragging is banned at the Institute. Any body involved in ragging may be subjected to expulsion from the Institute.


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