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To help sharpen your presentation skills, you are required to make presentations on your projects in each course or module. More important, you also get to comment technically on other presentations. You also benefit from a structured evaluation of these seminars. In each module or course, you are required to undertake a project, wherein you build applications based on knowledge and skills learnt through Classroom sessions and Machine room sessions.

In each module or course, you are required to undertake a project, wherein you build applications based on knowledge and skills learnt through Classroom sessions and Machine room sessions.

The objective of the Industrial Visit is to help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the Industry. Several Industrial Visits have been conducted by the Institute with the students to its neighboring areas and other historical places to develop their personality and endorse them with various cultures in India.

It was thought that students need to have direct experience with the methods and procedures of working that expert’s use in different fields of industry. The purpose of this type of activity would be to not only develop the intellectual skills of the students but also to gain an understanding of the key concepts of the training program.

Current IT Scenario

HCL Technologies
After creating a new wave with computing in India - at a time when there were only about 250 computers in the country as a whole, HCL ventured into hunting new vibrant and dynamic personnel to lead the world of computation. KNIIT’s main objective is to have a constant pool of qualified professionals for the industry.

Today, the career development centers span India - wide with over 12000 students. The focus has been on industry-experience and focus on 'real world' practical training. The faculty is drawn from KNIIT and the industry. The areas of focus include both hardware and software - starting from basics in hardware and networking to server related and security.

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)
We’re looking for top-flight professionals committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions that help transform businesses. If you’re looking for a career that challenges and inspires you, consider KNIIT.

If you’re KNIIT Trainee and have diverse background, talent, experience, and interest, with share a spirit of teamwork, a commitment to delivering quality results, and the desire to keep growing professionally then we always with you to achieve the goal.

WIPRO Limited
Wipro IT Business, a division of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT), is amongst the largest global IT services, BPO and Product Engineering companies. We take pride in having in our midst some of the most talented and forward thinking individuals. With the inclusion of new talent we groom you to be not only technically competitive but also guide you to take the path of a future leader who can bring in new ideas into Wipro IT Business.

We now give you the opportunity to be an integral part of Wipro’s talented team. So choose your geography and get set to be a part of the best in the business.

MICROSOFT Corporation
“India Student and Graduate Programs”

What fuels your passion?
So, you’ve got your degree—or you will soon enough. Now it’s time to take on the working world. We know deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Microsoft has lots of options for you.


The Placement cell provides information to students on placements conducts placements at the end of the Training Program of KNIIT and provides all kinds of information the recruiter’s requirements. The placement cell of the KNIIT has a huge collection of information on careers, higher studies both within and outside the country.


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