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KNIPSS wishes a very very happy, prosperous and exciting new year, to all its Alumni.

Every institution takes pride in show casing achievements of its alumni. Any educational institution gets its name and fame from achievements of its alumni. Teachers feel proud, staff elated and juniors inspired by achievements of alumni of the institution.
All the achievers, time and again feel grateful to their alma mater.Occasionally they feel nostalgic to the moments they shared with friends during college days. But opportunity to meet all the old college friends rarely knocks, in the modern over busy life.

We, the KNIPSS Sultanpur, family are planning to provide a platform to all its alumni, to relive those old golden days by holding alumni meet at the campus.
To make this happen, kindly send a brief write up about yourself-giving your name, the courses you passed from this institution, year of leaving the institution, your present position/work. Looking forward to see you at alumni meet.

Dr. Ram Nayan Singh
Sr. Lecturer
Zoology Department

                                                                                                           KNIPSS Sultanpur U.P.


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