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Sri Vinod Singh
Manager, KNIIT


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I welcome you to the Information Technology Centre of Kamla Nehru Institution, Sultanpur. The whole nation is being swept by winds of Liberalization/ Globalization/Privatization. But the fruits of the new economic regime are unfortunately not equally accessible to every region of the country. In this brave new world only those are likely to survive and strive, who have cutting edge knowledge and skills in a professional discipline.

This institute was started with the noble mission of arming students of this region with necessary skills and attitudes so that they are not found wanting when pitted against students of more developed regions of the country.

We have inherited this vision from Babuji and I am happy that the Institute is making rapid strides and is poised for wide acclaim.

My message to all the students is that “You Give Us Your Best in Computer Training Program and We Will Give You a Lifetime of Success.”

Wishing all the students scintillating success in their life.


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