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Dr. Archana Singh


“Success is not Accidental.”………

Welcome to the KNIPSS, Management Institute. The whole nation is being abounded by the influence of new global era, but the fruits of this new economic regime are unfortunately not equally accessible to every region of the country. In this competitive new world only those are likely to survive, who have elite proficiency and skills in the professional realm. This institute started with the noble mission of empowering students of this region with necessary skills and education so that they can rub their shoulders with the students of metropolitan regions of the country. The challenge of business and competition is intensifying every day; therefore, in order to meet the most demanding corporate needs the institute has well positioned its “self” with the latest methodology and teaching aid.

MBA is a course, which not only promises employment but also a better future. It specially empowers the women in the society and makes them self- reliance. Today MBA program is scaling to the next level, new specializations arebeing added to the course as per the Industry Demand; this makes our job more interesting and challenging. I am happy to be the part of this developmental change. The journey of our institution till now has been well supported by our Chairman Honorable Vinod Singh and under his guidance; we have been able to achieve this height.

We are committed to proceed in the way that has been set by the vision of Late Babu K N Singh Ji (Former Cabinet Minister GOI). With the support of highly qualified faculty members and excellent infrastructure, I hope we shall be able to continue to add to the intellectual and professional development of the country.

The Institute is committed to equity and promoting talent without any prejudice. I strongly believe, like me you would also love to enjoy the proud privilege of becoming a part of this Institute.


Dr. Archana Singh