Games / Sport / Co-Curricular / Extra Curricular Activities

Students can participate in a wide range of extra and co-curricular sporting, cultural and social activities. These opportunities are taken up by most students and are well supported by our staff. We are extremely proud of our first-class, state of the art facilities including Football, Badminton (Shuttle), hockey, basketball, volleyball are popular sports that are played on the premises. Standard grounds are facilities that develop the competitive spirit and sportsmanship among the students.

We engage special coaches having expertise in the field of Work Experience, General Studies, Drawing, Painting, Music, Dance and many other Games. We have a team of experts as our regular staff for the above arts, but to make our students more perfect, we provide them to interact with the occasionally engaged coaches too.

Facilities/ Activities with us:

Art / Craft Activities

Under the able guidance of trained teachers, we create beauty and make useful things like Chalk Sticks, Pen Stands, Ceramic Art, Fabric Paint, Screen Painting, Candles, Perfumes, Embossing, Soft Toys, Switch Boards, Table Lamps, Water Colour and Oil Painting, Collage, Paper Art, etc to nurture the talent of the pupils.

These activities will keep your kids interested in learning while having fun, too! Workshops are frequently conducted by eminent personalities in education, self development & other related areas. Committees such as those on discipline, culture and examination work towards efficient academic administration.


Cultural Activities

To facilitate the harmonious growth of children's personality, we channel inner talent through Inter-House competitions in speech, debate, essay writing, dance, songs, art & craft, etc throughout the year. Mass participation is encouraged.

In order to prepare the students for all walks of life, we encourage the children to participate in science and social science exhibition, youth parliament, outing and sightseeing, Scouts & Guides Camps, Annual Sports & School Day. Various vocal and instrumental activities regarding dance and music have been organized by the school at different levels.

Students are trained with different instruments like: Tabla, Congo, Synthesizer, Dholak, Naal, Drums, Harmonium

Different activities like Theatre, Dramatics, Excursions, Tours, clay modeling and others are offered by the school.

Health / Hygiene and Environment Facilities