About Fee ..

  1. Fee should be paid in cash according to the fee chart.
  2. Fee can be paid at the school office on working days.
  3. If fee is not paid on the due date, a fine of Rs. 100/- shall be levied for every month.
  4. No student will be allowed to appear in the examination if total dues are not cleared.
  5. Fee is payable for 12 months in a year.
  6. If the due date is Sunday fee will be collected by the office on the next working day.
  7. If the child is withdrawn in the mid session, minimum six months’ fee will be charged.
  8. Fees once paid will not be refunded
  9. If a student who attends the school even for one day in April and wishes to withdraw due to any reason, will have to pay the full fee up to September, regardless of whether he/she takes the T.C. or not (Full fee includes all types of charges besides tuition fee).
  10. Students who withdraw from the school after September will have to pay the full fee up to March whether they take the T.C. or not. T.C. will normally be given in 5 days.
  11. All school charges are payable in advance at the school counter by cash.
  12. No deduction in any of the school charges will be made for holidays including vacations.
  13. No leaving certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.

Information for Parents

  1. Office shall remain closed on Sunday and on other public holidays.
  2. Students who are absent from the class due to illness or otherwise, are required to produce a written application from the parents / guardians.
  3. No student will be allowed to leave during school hours once he / she joins the school in the morning.
  4. Fee card of the student should be kept by the parents.
  5. Parents and guardians are not allowed to walk into the class room or interview teachers during class hours.

Advice to Parents

  1. Always keep the school authorities Informed on any medical history of your wards.
  2. Do not engage private tutors without the Principal’s knowledge. No teacher from the school is allowed to give private tuitions to any of our students. Please contact the principal for advice in this matter.
  3. Your ward should memories’ your phone number and address. She/he must also know the parents name and occupation.
  4. Parents are required to co-operate with the school in developing their children into a balanced, progressive, morally strong and effective youth, by helping their children to observe the general code of conduct in and outside the school.

Role of Parents

KNBSS imparts education in the most versatile medium of English. We also provide opportunity to the students to study Hindi, Urdu, and Sanskrit. A great emphasis is laid on developing English speaking capabilities among the students. Further we are giving a lot of attention to developing the overall standard of education of our students. These are the objectives which however could be achieved only through a generous co-operation of the Parents / Guardians with the teachers and the school authorities.